color matters: house paint

when i lived in california, i had a friend who joked how she wished she could leave post-it notes on the front doors of less-than-lovely houses with suggestions on how to improve their curb appeal.  i think of her idea often, especially when i see a house like this every single day.  

clearly this is a grand home with tons going for it, and i applaud the owners for giving it some tlc, but believe or not, this unfinished-looking cold gray stucco color is brand new.  until a few weeks ago this exterior existed in an even rougher, splotchy, pre-finish-coat state of incompleteness for at least the two years we've lived in oak park (and surely longer).  the yard has been continuously torn up with mounds of dirt shifting from right to left as various areas of the foundation were excavated, which has resulted in loose dirt washing into a muddy sludge on the adjoining sidewalk every time it rains (which has been occurring in a record-breaking manner all summer long).  i was curious when i saw the stucco guys re-appear, wondering at how the colors would finally turn out.  um, primer gray?  not at all what i was hoping for.

i don't actually know for certain whether the dark cool gray is in fact the final color, but i have a sinking feeling that it is given the sluggish pace at which these people complete projects.  if i were to leave a post-it note on this front door, i'd suggest they paint it like so:

a deep rich brown with undertones of red and purple, just like the leaves on the crimson king maple trees flanking the house.  see how easily that would warm up and make more inviting the hulking mass of the house and complement the green lawn?

(while you're at it, why don't you get rid of that orange safety fencing over to the right and how about seeding that barren slope with grass.)

just a thought...

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