making over the basement bathroom

We are lucky to have 2 1/2 baths in this house.  And thankful to have them when we're expecting nine people for Thanksgiving.  In addition to finishing the upstairs bathroom in time for our guests, and of course for our own daily gratification, I got the bug to fix up the basement bathroom.

Now, the basement is a pretty decent space.  We've made it a combination project room / dog training area (complete with doggie treadmill)/ bike workshop / laundry room / auxiliary guest room.  Conveniently for those auxiliary guests, there's a full bath down there, but it was looking a little too basement-y for my taste.

Bright sky blue accented on all white?  Why?

Unscenic fiberglass shower surround (but cute cat).

I had plenty of left over paint from the upstairs bath and so I painted the same color, Sherwin Williams Krypton SW6247, down here.  I hung some artwork created by my nephews in their younger years.

And painted over the blue cabinetry to white using the same primer and paint we used on the kitchen cabinets.

And then reused a shower curtain I had made for one our Chicago apartments.

Really, I didn't spend any extra money sprucing this bathroom up, which is good since it won't really get that much use, save the occasional extra guest.  But I'll sure feel a lot better going in this space to refill the cat's water bowl from now on.  

making over the upstairs bathroom, part 2

When we first came upon this house, the upstairs bathroom left MUCH to be desired.

 I tiled the floor and last we left it, the upstairs bathroom was looking like this:

Um, yeah.  Not so hot.

I've been meaning to attend to this half-done mess for quite a while.  The motivator to actually finish the work is the impending arrival of my family for Thanksgiving. 

First and foremost, we had the toilet reinstalled by a professional after I completed the tile work so we had a functional bathroom for the first few months that we've lived here. 

I always paint and this time, I chose the same color that we used in our Oak Park bathroom, Sherwin Williams Krypton SW6247.  On the swatch, the color looks like a sort of generic gray, but up, it's much bluer and richer.  It plays nicely with the shower curtain color.

We got a little shelf from Ikea that fits perfectly in the corner for towels and toiletries.

Then I painted the vanity cabinet a vibrant Chinese red.  I used Benjamin Moore Shy Cherry 2007-20.  This closeup photo reads more orange than it is in real life.  I added folded brass pulls from Anthropologie to jazz the cabinet up a bit.

 I also had to reinstall the window trim.  A previous tenant had taken the trim off for some unknown reason, so I had to put it back and paint it white and I made a little cafe curtain from some leftover fabric.

We have leftover black countertop from the kitchen makeover and eventually we hope to use it in here.  The almond color seems less dated for the time being with this new color scheme.  Ah, yes, much improved.


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